Monday, February 26, 2024

In the latest Kia Carnival and Sportage, the details are weighed on the go. Company reviews more than 100 000 machines

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Owners of Kia Carnival 2022–2024 years and Sportage 2023–2024 years should pay attention to the dust on the wheel, as this could be the first warning that the moldings on the roof can fly off at speed.

Kia recalls 40 426 Sportage and 60 623 Carnival cars in the US due to a manufacturing error that could lead to rusting of parts. Although the molding is not essential for safe operation of the car, if it deviates while driving, it can cause a traffic accident.

The automaker became aware of the problem in September, but due to damage to most parts it was difficult to conduct a thorough investigation. However, Kia received enough complaints from owners to understand that it needed to conduct an investigation. Tests showed that the molding could take off at a speed of about 145 km/h.

Kia determined that excessive amount of sealant for the cover panels or incorrect installation of the parts could lead to their separation from the vehicle. If necessary, the molding cover is replaced with parts with fixatives. Additionally, the company has improved assembly processes.

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