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In the future, Apple may release iPhone and Watch with cases made of ceramic and zirconium. But they are sure to be expensive.

The iPhone 14 will be announced soon, but new data about models that will be released in a year or two appears on the network. According to a new patent, Apple is considering ceramic as a possible case material for future iPhones and Apple Watches. At the same time, the surface of such cases will be covered with zirconium, which will make it matte and increase strength.

It is speculated that a zirconia coating could be used on the back of the iPhone, making it stronger yet lighter. It will also protect smartphones from scratches, chips when dropped, and so on.

Zirconium meets all the requirements, but it has one serious drawback – the cost. Thus, the future iPhone and Apple Watch may be even more expensive, and solely due to the case material.

It is possible that Cupertino will not use pure zirconium, but will add it to aluminum and steel alloys for the case, which will increase their strength.

Image from the patent

Note that earlier Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 and Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition already had ceramic cases, but these were expensive and premium smartphones released in small batches. It is not yet clear how Apple plans to release millions of smartphones with such cases. Perhaps only Pro/Pro Max models will get them to emphasize their premium status.

It’s also worth noting that the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 come with displays that come with Ceramic Shield protection, making them more resistant to damage.

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