Friday, February 23, 2024

In smartphones Galaxy S24 found improvements, about which Samsung remained silent. Developers increased the frequency regulation of the DIMM screen twice

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During the announcement of the flagship line of smartphones Galaxy S24 Samsung somehow did not pay much attention to the screens (although the company, of course, pointed out more than once about increasing brightness), so many details began to be revealed already after the premiere. This concerns the frequency regulation of noise. As it turns out now, this frequency has increased more than twice.


If the frequency adjustment of HIM screens Samsung Galaxy S23 is 240 Hz, then in the line Galaxy S24 it increased to 492 Hz. And this is more than that of the iPhone 15 Pro (480 Hz) and even more than that of the Google Pixel 8 (246 Hz). But Chinese smartphones are long ahead. Record – у Honor Magic6 Pro with 4320 GHz, But there is, for example, much cheaper Honor 100 Pro, and it has frequency regulation noise reaches 3840 Hz.

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