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In Russia, they invented a battery that does not discharge in the cold

The importance of the development, according to scientists, is that the proposed concept will allow batteries not to lose capacity even at temperatures of -50 degrees, and lithium-ion batteries are used in a wide range of technology – from smartphones to electric vehicles.

The element that scientists propose to install in batteries is germanium, a semimetal. They replaced the graphite in the anodes of the tested batteries. An experiment in the laboratory showed that a battery with a germanium anode instead of graphite works effectively without recharging for a longer time at a temperature of -50 degrees.

According to scientists, one strand of germanium shows high efficiency, which will not increase the weight of the batteries. The development can be useful both for the production of smartphone batteries and for other equipment, and for military purposes.

“Germanium nanowires interact with electrolyte in batteries to create ten different compounds with lithium. Thanks to this, the capacity of the material becomes five times higher than that of graphite in ordinary batteries on smartphones, ”said the project manager, Ph.D. A.N. Frumkin RAS Ilya Gavrilin.

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