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In Russia, the relationship between robots and humans will be legalized

The bill was sent to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Digital Industry of the Russian Federation. It defines a robot as a product of the achievements of digital technologies, consisting of two or more component parts, controlled by a computer program embedded in it and capable of both performing actions pre-programmed by a person and autonomous problem solving. In total, it is proposed to distinguish two types of robots: civil and service. They are divided into subcategories.

Robots are also proposed to be divided into four hazard classes. On the territory of the Russian Federation, there will be a ban on the circulation of robots capable of independently making decisions. Also banned the circulation of robots, which “are deliberately given properties that ensure their use with the use of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices or other weapons, other military equipment, chemical, biological, toxin, and other types of weapons of mass destruction.” It will not be possible to release robots to commit crimes.

In addition, the bill describes two types of robots, depending on the nature and degree of human participation in their functioning: controlled and autonomous.

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