Tuesday, February 27, 2024

In Russia the price of offroaders Haval Dargo and Haval Dargo

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Last week Haval published the full price-list on the crossover Haval Jolion 2024 – it has noticeably increased the price relative to the model of 2023. And now the same thing has happened with crossovers Dargo and Dargo X. True, the increase in price is less here.


Price Haval Dargo increased by 50 thousand. rubles, and the off-road version Dargo rubles. Actual car prices for 2024, taking into account inflation, look like this:

    • Dargo Comfort – 3,05 million rubles;
    • Dargo Elite – 3,25 million rubles;
    • Dargo Premium – 3,45 million rubles;
    • Dargo Tech Plus – 3,6 million rubles;
    • Dargo
    • Dargo


Also Haval rewrote prices on crossover M6: it simultaneously became cheaper and more expensive,

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