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In Russia, the “eight” was broken to test the iPhone 14 accident notification function

The creator of the YouTube channel Hudakov, in his review of the iPhone 14, decided to check how the Crash Detection function works in Russia, thanks to which the smartphone calls the rescue service on its own after an accident.
For the experiment, the blogger used a VAZ-2108 car, and the iPhone 14 smartphone was mounted on a holder mounted on the windshield. After a collision with a concrete block at a speed of about 40 km / h, the iPhone 14 did not react to the accident.


Did iPhone 14 call rescuers? Neither immediately after the impact, nor five minutes later, the iPhone 14 did not respond. At the same time, before that, the smartphone had been in cars for an hour with the navigator turned on to the place of impact, that is, it “understood” exactly that it was in the car.



The reviewer confirmed that in the settings of the smartphone, the “Call after a serious accident” function was enabled.
Apple previously stated that This feature requires minimum requirements to be met.: iPhone must be connected to Bluetooth or CarPlay. Moreover, the car must drive a certain distance: if the GPS in the smartphone shows that the car was moving along the highway, then the probability of the function being triggered will be higher.
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