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In Russia, grants up to 300 million rubles will be allocated. for the development of critical electronic components

In the near future, Russian universities and research institutes will be able to apply for grants of up to 300 million rubles. The funds are intended for the development of “critical components” and will be distributed by a commission formed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Funds for the construction and / or development of engineering development centers will be allocated from federal funds. Such centers will be created on the basis of already existing structures – higher educational institutions or scientific organizations corresponding to the subject of the profile competitions – related to the development of critically important electronic and computer components. In particular, the money can be spent on the purchase of equipment, software, retraining of specialists, transportation and travel expenses, as well as payment for consultations.

Grants in Russia will be allocated for research work for a period of two years. Although their size is limited to 300 million rubles, in each financial year it will be possible to spend no more than 200 million. The total duration of the project should not exceed 7 years.

It is important that structures applying for money should not be in the process of reorganization or liquidation, and should not be among foreign legal entities or Russian, more than 50% of the share in the founders belongs to foreign structures. Only organizations that have not previously received state funds for the creation and development of engineering centers will be able to act as applicants. The selection criteria will take into account the presence of tax arrears, fines or the return to the state budget of subsidies allocated for other purposes.

The Commission of the Ministry of Industry and Trade will also take into account the experience of applicant organizations in conducting research and development work, as well as evaluate their activities according to some other criteria – from human resources to the quality of organizational program plans.

A rather peculiar approach to evaluating performance is noteworthy. If during the reporting year the organization fails to achieve all the indicators stated in the plans by 100%, the funds will need to be returned to the state budget. The refund amount will be calculated according to a special formula.

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