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In case of road accident, call these numbers immediately, you will get help 24×7 days.

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In case of road accident, call these numbers immediately, you will get help 24×7 days.

These days, cases of accidents are coming to the fore due to smog on roads and highways. But to avoid being included in this list, be careful while driving. Many times you become a victim of an accident due to the mistake of the person in front of you. To avoid this, you should save some helpline numbers in your phone. You can get immediate help at any time by calling these numbers. You just have to make a call on these numbers, this way you will not have to search here and there on Google if you meet with an accident.

National Highway Helpline Number

If you are stuck on the national highway then you can call the helpline number 1033. This number provides many support services to the people on the road. All these services are available in the highway facility – toll plaza, ambulance, petrol vehicle, crane. This number works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call these helpline numbers

In case of fire: If there is a fire in your home, office or public place, then first call the fire brigade. For this you will have to call toll free number- 101. By calling this number you will get help as soon as possible.

Medical Emergency: For any kind of medical emergency facility, you can dial the toll free number 102 provided by the government. Apart from this, if you want, you can also take help by calling number 108.

Emergency on highway: In case of any emergency while traveling on the highway, you can call number 103. In this you can get help from traffic police. If you get into any trouble, you can call number 112 and also take help from the police.

Railway Accident: In case of a train accident, you can seek help by calling toll free number 1072. Anyone can get necessary assistance by giving information about a train accident on this number. In case of a road accident, you can call number 1073 for help.

women helpline number

For the help of women, this number – 1090/1091 is always ready to help you. To give information about child abuse, you can call this toll free number 1098. You can get help by giving complete information on this number.

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