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In case of Cyber ​​Fraud dial this number immediately, money will be refunded

New Delhi: Online fraud has increased as money is being exchanged through mobile phones. Many people are being given wrong information and money is being withdrawn from their accounts. If you are a victim of online cyber fraud, dial a number immediately. After this money can be recovered from your account. Often a fraudster asks for OTP from you by giving you wrong information and transfers money from your account to another account. It happens before you know it. So many people just rub their hands. They don’t know what to do next. But, if you dial the number on time, you can get your lost money back.

What to do in case of cyber fraud
In case of cyber fraud, the first thing to do is call cybercrime or file a complaint through the online process.

Make a complaint
If you have experienced online fraud or cyber fraud, the first thing you should do is dial 1930. 1930 must be dialed in less than 60 minutes before cyber fraud occurs. Also complaint can be made through online process. But, this process is long.

Do this online complaint
First of all you have to sign up at
After login account again login by entering id password.
Click on ‘File A Complaint’ option.

Download Link

what will you do
After this you have to select the Terms and Conditions option.
After that you have to click on ‘Report Under Cyber ​​Crime’ option.
After this a page will open. A form will appear.
This form has 4 parts. In which you have to fill your required information.
Incident, suspect, preview with complete details and submit in the form.
After filling all this information click on save and next.
All information has to be submitted after review.


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