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In 2022, Russia issued 60 million fines for photo and video recording cameras

The materials of the traffic police, which were reviewed by TASS, say that in the first five months of 2022, 60 million fines were issued for photo and video recording cameras, which is almost 30% more than a year earlier.

With the help of cameras, 60 million decisions on cases of administrative offenses were issued in five months of 2022, which is 28.7% more than the same period last year (88.1% of the total number of fines). An analysis of the effectiveness of the use of complexes shows that in the places of their work there is a decrease in the total number of accidents and the severity of their consequences.

traffic police

The traffic police noted that there are currently 23.4 thousand mobile and stationary cameras for photo and video recording in the country. They record not only speeding, but also running a red light, entering a lane for public transport.
Every year, as a result of the operation of photo and video recording systems, 1.5 thousand emergency sections are eliminated on the roads of the country.
traffic police
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