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In 2018, Google had an AI ready for a ChatGPT-style chatbot, but it was closed due to security issues.

In recent months, the ChatGPT chatbot has been on the news pages, and this has forced many companies to catch up with OpenAI. Among them are Microsoft, Google and a number of Chinese corporations. However, reportedly, the situation could be different.

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As early as 2018, Google is said to have had a natural language processing AI similar to ChatGPT. However, company executives closed the project, considering it too dangerous. One of the developers was research engineer Daniel De Freitas, and Noam Shazeer, a software engineer at Google, also contributed to the project.

The project was called Meena and was a chatbot that could talk about various topics. With him you could discuss TV shows, have discussions about philosophy and joke. At the same time, the developers believed that this technology could be added to the search engine, however, in the end, Google stopped development. The company said the bot did not meet its AI security standards.

Note that later, based on these developments, a chat bot was created LaMDA, which flies to the base of Bard. Thus, the development nevertheless reached the mass user, albeit with a great delay.



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