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Important news for Airtel users! Do not reply to this message even by mistake, company warns

New Delhi. The news of cybercrime has become common. Many such messages or calls come to us every day, on answering which our lifetime earnings can disappear. By the way, the government makes people aware about this from time to time. But there are also telecom companies which keep on making people aware. Let us tell you that Airtel has alerted its customers by sending a message that they should be careful of such calls.

Airtel sent this message:

  • Airtel has said in the message that if the customer receives any unknown message, then complain about it immediately on 1909. You have to send this message in this format- SMS Content, Sender No, dd/mm/yy
  • Apart from this, you can also register a complaint by visiting the link bit.ly/2qBK0vp.

See the company’s message:
Alert: On receiving any unwanted SMS, please complain by calling 1909 or send SMS to 1909 in format ‘SMS Content, Sender No, dd/mm/yy’ or visit bit.ly/2qBK0vp to report through Airtel Thanks App.

How to avoid cybercrime:

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  • Keep updating the software of the phone. Make sure that the software of the phone is updated. Continuously updating it. Due to this, if there is any virus or malware in the phone, then its danger ends.
  • If you feel that you have received any message related to cyber fraud, do not reply to it. Do not click on any link in it.
  • Take care of security settings. Always keep passcode, password, pattern in the phone. This password should not be easy, it should be tough.
  • Do not share any of your information online. Do not save any of your personal information or bank details on any app or website.
  • Do not use any public Wi-Fi. Hackers keep an eye on this type of Wi-Fi and as soon as you connect, hackers hijack your device.
  • Apart from emails, cybercriminals steal your information through tweets, posts and online advertisements. So if you find anything suspicious, ignore it.



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