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Important agreement between Air India and AirAsia India, those who travel by air will now have this big advantage

AirAsia India, which provides cheap air service, today (February 12) has announced its important agreement with Air India. This agreement has been made regarding the exchange of air passengers. Under the agreement, if there is any problem regarding air travel, then AirAsia India passengers can be accommodated in Air India and Air India passengers can be accommodated in AirAsia India.

agreement for two years

An AirAsia spokesperson has said in its statement that this agreement is a standard agreement under which air passengers are shifted from one company’s aircraft to another company’s aircraft if they face any problem at the last minute. AirAsia has made similar agreements with other Indian airlines. This arrangement will be effective from this month to next two years. Both the airlines have entered into an agreement under IROPS (Irregular Operations). Under this, the passengers of Air India and AirAsia India can be exchanged but the passengers will get seats only on the basis of availability as decided by the airport manager of the accepting airline.

Both the airlines are of Tata Group.

Both airlines are part of the Tata Group. Last month, Air India officially became a part of the Tata Group. AirAsia India is a joint venture between Tata Sons and AirAsia Investment Limited (Malaysia). Tata Sons holds 83.67 per cent stake in it. AirAsia is the first foreign airline to set up a subsidiary in India and through this the Tata Group’s return to the aviation industry. Input: PTI)

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