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Impact of Budget: 2.5 lakh jobs will be available in EV sector, this is the government’s plan

The country’s interim budget has also made some announcements regarding EVs. The government will expand electric vehicle (EV) systems to boost charging infrastructure and e-buses will be encouraged for the public transport network. Due to all these decisions, there may be a flood of jobs in the EV sector. Staffing companies and company officials said that the announcements made for the EV sector in the interim budget will lead to an increase in jobs in the sector. According to an estimate, more than 2.5 lakh direct and indirect jobs can be generated in the next 5 years.

2.5 jobs will be created

Karthik Narayan, CEO (Staffing), TeamLease Services, said that around 2.5 lakh direct and indirect jobs can potentially be generated in the next 4-5 years. He further said that India currently has around 7,000 charging stations and around 50,000 are required in the next 5 years. According to the thumb rule of a charging station, there are about 5 types of work, direct and indirect. Direct jobs will include site engineers, experts, service technicians and others.

Many problems will be solved

Dinesh Arjun, co-founder and CEO of Rapti Energy, said that there will be significant growth in the availability of public chargers across the country. EV companies will get high market acceptance from their consumers and the interest of investors will also increase. Arjun said that with this announcement it will also eliminate the biggest range tension of adopting EV in our country. It will also encourage entrepreneurs to do deep innovation in battery management segment and other tech. He said EV companies will also enjoy a deep vendor ecosystem providing batteries and other components to manufacture make-in-India electric vehicles. Prateek Kamdar, CEO and co-founder of Neuron Energy, said, increasing manufacturing along with planning will increase production capacity and promote innovation.

FAME scheme will also get support

The Finance Minister, in his interim budget speech on Thursday, said the government will expand and strengthen the EV ecosystem by supporting manufacturing and charging infra. Greater adoption of e-buses for public transport network will be encouraged through payment security system. According to Karthik of TeamLease, India has around 7,000 charging stations as opposed to China’s current number of 1.1 million. This government initiative combined with the FAME scheme will not only drive the adoption of EVs but also create employment across the entire ecosystem of charging infra.


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