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IMF gave a statement regarding the global growth rate, said- India, China will contribute half of the world’s GDP

IMF on World GDP: The International Monetary Fund has made a big estimate regarding the world economic growth rate. IMF has said that the world economy will grow at a rate of less than 3 percent this year. At the same time, India and China will contribute half in this growth. IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva, while warning about the world economy, said that the global economy which suffered a setback last year due to the Russia-Ukraine War is going to continue this year as well. In such year 2023 The world’s GDP is likely to remain less than 3 percent.

Economic growth rate will remain low for the next five years

The head of the IMF said that the decline in the world GDP is going to continue for the next five years. In such a situation, the global growth is likely to be less than 3 percent. Significantly, this will be the lowest growth of the year 1990. Along with this, Georgieva also warned that poverty and hunger could increase due to the sluggish economy of the world. In such a situation, after the corona epidemic, it can create more crisis in the lives of the people.

Asia will be the bright spot

Along with this, the IMF chief said that in this era of recession, Asia will emerge as the bright spot of the world. India and China will have a very important role in the global economy and together these two countries will contribute up to 50 percent of global growth. Since the Corona epidemic, the global economy had shown some recovery in the year 2021, but since the Russia-Ukraine war in the year 2022, a decline in global GDP has been recorded from 6.1 percent to 3.4 percent.

What did the IMF chief say on the banking crisis

Talking on the Banking Crisis of America and Europe, the IMF Chief said that after the banking crisis of 2008, there have been many major changes in the banking system of the world. But there are still some weak loopholes which have affected the banking system.


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