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IITian left a good job in London and took retirement at the age of 33, what was the reason?

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Who does not want to live a life of peace and happiness and for this people work hard. They work in good companies, get good salary, but still they are not able to earn enough money that they can retire at an early age and lead a peaceful life, but there are some people in the world who have worked for 30-35 years. He has earned so much money at this age that he is now even thinking of retiring. One such person is in the news these days, who has decided to retire at the age of just 33. The funny thing is that he is leaving his job in London, where people dream of working and living.

Actually, this person is an IIT graduate. His story is becoming very viral on social media. Although his identity has not been revealed, it is being claimed that he has decided to take early retirement from his lucrative job in London and return back to Delhi. Six reasons have been given for his retirement at this age, some of which are very funny, knowing about which you will be surprised and maybe even laugh.

Give 6 reasons to retire

A post has been shared on the social media platform Twitter by an ID named @debarghya_das, in which six major reasons have been given behind the IITian’s decision to ‘retire’. The first reason is that he has expressed his desire to live with his parents, the second reason is the facility of hiring domestic servants, the third is the lower cost of living in India compared to the UK, the fourth is the diminishing social life abroad, and the fifth is Impact of recession on Britain’s economy and sixthly, he wants to have an arranged marriage in India.

How much money did you save while working?

It is being claimed that this single IITian has saved Rs 12-20 crore till now. She has also set many goals regarding living in India, such as finding a partner, starting a family and along with this she has also made an ambitious plan of adopting one thousand children.

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