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IIT Kanpur developed air purifier filter

Air Pollution: Delhi can provide this news relief to people living in polluted cities of NCR including country. And at the same time this news also arouses the confidence of breathing clean air.

Air Filter: The team of scientists from IIT Kanpur has come up with a solution for those forced to breathe dust and smoke in the winter season. Scientists have devised the technology to convert your regular AC ie air conditioning system into air purifier. That is, you will not have to buy expensive air purifiers separately. The solution that has been taken to get air inside the house with this technology is also economical and the need of today.

How will the air filter work

Scientists at IIT Kanpur have designed an air filter that can clean up up to 99% of pollution from indoors. And this work can also be done by AC’s fan mode “Fan Mode” On. These air filters have “Anti-Microbial Air Purification Technology” Anti Microbial Air Purification System.

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Scientists are claiming that variants of coronavirus can also be filtered from this system, that is, if a corona virus is present in the air, it can also be filtered. It has also been claimed that the Accuracy of this system i.e. accurate seating is guaranteed at 99.24.

What is the cost of this air filter

Now you want to know when this innovation will reach the common man, then work has started on it too. AiRTH has acquired the marketing license of this system, a new start up company. At the moment, its price is also kept at 2 thousand rupees. The product is named ‘Clean Air Module’ and is present for sale on the company’s website. The special thing is that Ravi Kaushik, who started the company under which these technologies are reaching the market, has been a student of IIT Mumbai.

The system has been designed in collaboration with scientists from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. According to IIT Kanpur researcher Professor Ankush Sharma, this invention can also avoid dangerous virus of corona. He also said that the air filters present in the market cost at least 10 thousand rupees. An even greater problem is that after long use, these air filters become germs home, because the filter is filled. While the technology of IIT can control pm 2.5, pm 10, dust and germs. According to Professor Amitabh Bandopadhyay, researcher of the project at IIT, this innovation has immense potential in the global market.


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