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If your smartphone has ‘this’ app, delete it immediately; Otherwise the bank account may become empty

This news is important for you if you are using an Android smartphone. Because in today’s digital age, hackers steal data through malware and viruses. They can also empty your bank account by stealing private information. For security reasons, the Google Play Store is prohibited from sending such viruses and stealing data. Google has now banned an app that sends malware called Joker. However, this app has been downloaded 5 lakh times from Google Play Store before it was removed.

Information about Joker malware was first received in 2017. Through this, hackers had attacked Android users. In 2019, Google had alerted everyone about this. The virus was later removed from Google. But the malware virus had been running through an app for over a year. It was closed on December 16 after receiving information about it. Security firm Joker has been classified as malware fleeceware. Clicks and SMS were being captured to motivate users to subscribe to paid premium services. The Google Play Store has removed it from the App Store. However, this app is still a concern for users who have downloaded it before.

If you’re one of the 50,000 people who download the Joker Infected Color Messages app, delete it immediately from your device. In addition to uninstalling this app from the phone, you can delete its file by going to the Games and Apps section of the Google Play Store. You need to open the Google Play Store and go to the Subscription option in the menu. Check all the premium subscriptions you’ve signed up for, and if any of them seem suspicious, select them and then unsubscribe. Then you have to follow the on-screen instructions. This will prevent future fraud.

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