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If your smartphone hangs frequently, not mobile, change the settings, see details

New Delhi: Now the use of smartphones is not limited to just calling but a lot of work is done on it. Nowadays everyone from employees to students has a smartphone. Smartphones are used for everything from clicking photos to playing games. But he also has limitations. Excessive processing can cause the phone to hang and cause problems in using the phone. Today we are going to tell you some tricks to prevent your phone from hanging. One thing to note is that the problem of phone hangs often occurs in phones with low RAM. So if your phone also has low RAM, don’t open multiple apps at once.

Users complain that the phone hangs when the internal memory is low. Videos, heavy games and photos take up a lot of space on the phone. For the phone to work smoothly, its storage must be free as required. If the phone memory is more than 80% occupied, your smartphone may freeze or hang.

Pay attention to malware apps:

If you download apps from any third party source, malware apps may also be installed in your phone. Virus apps keep the phone’s background process running. Which causes the phone to hang. So, if you have such malware apps in your phone, delete them immediately.

Update OS and apps:

Expired apps and operating system also often cause the phone to hang. This requires updating apps and OS on the latest systems. Many apps take up more space over time. You can check such apps by going to settings and clear cache memory. Avoid playing heavy games if your phone is low in space and RAM. Such games cause low budget phones to hang. If you have unnecessary files in your phone, check the file manager and delete them. If your phone still hangs, you’ll need to do a factory reset. This will delete all the data on your phone. Be sure to back up the required data before doing so.

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