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If your laptop gets too hot, do these 5 things immediately, otherwise there will be a big loss

Laptops have become as important a device as smartphones. If you want to do office work, there is no other option but laptop. Besides, laptops are also useful for college projects. The rate of playing games through laptops has also increased significantly. Overall, the use of laptops has increased significantly. Laptops, like smartphones, experience the problem of overheating when used for hours. Performance is also affected by companies stopping updating laptops. Laptops often get so hot that it is impossible to use them. It also affects performance. Often there is a problem with the laptop overheating if there is a problem. In this case you can show the laptop in the service center. In addition, the laptop’s battery may be damaged. Here are some simple tips to help you reduce the problem of laptop overheating.

Clean the dust for better airflow

There are more than one good laptops available in the market right now. Companies offer CPU fans for ventilation in these laptops. Compared to gadgets like smartphones, laptops are more prone to dust accumulation over time. If your laptop is overheating, first check that the air vent or CPU and the entire cooling system do not accumulate dust. You can clean this dust with a soft brush and cloth.

Use the original charger

We often buy low cost fake chargers to save money after the original charger that came with the laptop broke down. However, it can cause great damage. Many third party chargers are available cheaply in the market. However, using a charger can damage your laptop. Using a fake charger also takes longer to charge the laptop and causes heating problems. So always use the charger that comes with the laptop.


Make use of laptop cooling pad

Laptops currently available in the market offer internal CPU cooling fan. This prevents the laptop from overheating. You can also buy other cooling pads. This will keep the laptop warm during charging and other tasks. The cooling pad gives the laptop extra cooling support. You can buy cooling pads from the market. Also, instead of using the laptop for hours on end, you can keep the laptop off for a few minutes. This will allow the laptop to work properly again.

Keep the room cool

Often laptops have no problem. However, if the temperature is high in the place where you are using it, the laptop also gets hot. This is especially true in the summer. In that case you can make sure that the room stays cool. You can use AC, cool and fan to keep the laptop from overheating. Also, do not place laptops in direct sunlight.

Apps auto start off

Many applications often run in the background after starting the laptop. Many unnecessary apps and services are started during login. This puts more load on the laptop’s processor. It also affects performance. Also, connecting to charging while using a laptop can cause problems. Laptop batteries also run out quickly if unnecessary apps are running in the background. So close such apps. This will reduce the problem of laptop overheating to some extent.

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