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If you wanted a smartphone with shock and water protection, but not Chinese

In the issue on the YouTube channel, they reviewed the Motorola Defy 2021 smartphone. The results are in the article.

Andrey, the host of the YouTube channel, evaluated the Motorola Defy 2021 device in terms of its main parameters. The main feature of the device is water and shock protection. In other words, this is a rugged smartphone from Motorola.

Motorola Defy 2021 has a plastic rubberized body. It is corrugated in itself and does not slip in the hand. In general, there is a feeling that along with the smartphone, the kit immediately comes with a case. Also, Motorola’s display bezels are quite thick and it is possible to carry the smartphone in the hand or around the neck by attaching a strap to it.

There is protection against water according to the IP 68 standard. The device is also protected from sand and from falls.

Installed in the smartphone and a special radio mode. However, it is only supported when connected to the Internet.

Charging is supported at a maximum of 20W. In addition, there is no stereo in the Motorola Defy 2021.

The Defy 2021 display has a diagonal of 6.5 inches, HD matrix. At the same time, the screen here automatically turns off if the smartphone is not used, and if you pick up the device, the display with information about the charge, time, etc. will light up on its own. The screen is rather dim and has a low resolution.

As for the processor, Motorola is equipped with Snapdragon 662 and 4 GB of RAM. In general, the smartphone itself is rather leisurely due to the old processor model. It will be possible to play complex projects here only at low graphics settings.

The battery capacity of the Motorola Defy 2021 is 5000 mAh, but it only supports 20-watt charging (therefore, up to 100 percent is charged in almost 2.5 hours). There is no support for wireless charging here. With active use of the device, it will last for about 1-1.5 days.

The front camera is rather weak here. As for the main one, it gives good pictures only in normal lighting. When shooting video, stabilization works well.

In general, this is a pretty good secure smartphone. However, it is quite difficult to compare it with other devices, since its main feature is security. Nokia XR20 can be considered the main competitor, which, according to the expert, seems to be more interesting than Motorola. If you do not take into account the protection against shock and water, then the Motorola Defy 2021 is an ordinary budget device.

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