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If you want to watch your favorite movie on YouTube, then be careful, this is how the game of piracy happens

Latest Movie On You Tube: Searching for a movie on YouTube, if you are troubled by the arrival of another video inside, then with the help of these tricks, you can identify these movies and also report on getting faked.

YouTube: Nowadays YouTubers have started doing a scam to earn money on YouTube. Some YouTubers put clips of any video in the name of the original film on the video streaming platform. original film are uploaded with the poster and name of as soon as the user latest movies When one searches, these videos come out. This scam is going on since a long time and due to this most of the people are getting misled.

Their time and data are spent as well as their mood also gets spoiled. If you are also troubled by this thing, then for this we will tell you some such tricks, with the help of which you can easily find out videos containing such fake information. Apart from this, you can also report them so that after this no other user is misled.

problems like this

  • Many times you search for a movie on YouTube. On searching, all the videos related to it open on the screen of your phone. Then you click on that link after seeing its poster and name, but when that movie plays, instead of the original movie, there is a clip of some other movie or some other video.
  • If a film is in trend, which users are searching more, then some YouTubers put their videos on YouTube using the name and hashtags of that film. They do this only to increase their search reach, views and earn money. In such a situation, the time and data of the users searching is not only spent, but their mood also gets spoiled.

Take Pathan film for example, if you search this film on YouTube, then many options related to it are opening and all seem to be original. In such a situation, how to find out which link is correct so that your time and data can be saved. First of all know that Pathan movie has not been released yet. That’s why all the videos of Pathan Full Movie on YouTube are fake. Let us tell you that uploading the name and poster of a film without any right is like a crime. For this youtube can also block your channel. Therefore, before doing this, check the copyright policy of YouTube carefully.

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Pathan Movie On Youtube

YouTube Copyright Policy

  • Creators can upload only those videos which they have made themselves or which are authorized.
  • Can’t use clip or music of someone else’s video without asking its owner. YouTube takes strict action against this.

Check the video of the original film on YouTube like this

  • If you are searching for any latest movie on YouTube, then keep one thing in mind that no latest movie can be uploaded on YouTube so soon. Anyway, the business of pirated films is increasing. That’s why some YouTubers do such work.
  • Many times after searching the latest movie, you find many of its videos real, so to save your time and data, instead of playing it from the beginning, play it directly in the middle or a little ahead, this will save both your time and data. If this film turns out to be fake, then definitely report it so that no one else gets upset.

How to report on youtube

  • First search the video, if it is fake or against the guidelines, then click on the 3 dots in the right below that video.
  • After this, you will have the option of report image and title.
  • After this, you click on that option from which you have to report. Like in the case of this news, you have to select the option of spam and misleading.
  • After selecting spam and misleading, the option of cancel and report will appear below, click on the report.


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