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If you want to sell an old smartphone, you can get the best price here, see details

New Delhi: If you want to sell your old smartphone and you are looking for a platform to sell it and get a good deal on it then Flipkart’s new service is for you. Flipkart has launched a ‘sell back program’ for users from Monday. Under this plan you can sell your old smartphone at a good price on Flipkart. The company will give you an electronic gift voucher in exchange for an old phone. Interestingly, you can also sell those phones under the cell back program, which you did not buy from Flipkart. Flipkart has launched this service on 1700 pincodes across the country. This includes many cities like Delhi, Kolkata and Patna. The company has recently acquired Yaantra and the cell back program is a part of it. Learn more.

If you are looking for a good deal for an old smartphone then your search may end up on Flipkart. With the help of this cell back program you can get the best deals on your old smartphones. Learn how the cell back program works if you want to sell an old phone on Flipkart: First go to the Flipkart app and select the cell back option in the bar at the bottom center. Find out the price of your old mobile by answering three simple questions. Confirm it when the price is right. Within 48 hours after confirmation, the Flipkart executive will arrive at your home or address and collect the device. Flipkart vouchers will be issued according to the back value of the confirmed sale within a few hours of handset verification.

E-waste will help reduce: According to a recent IDC survey, there are 12.5 crore used smartphones in India, of which only 20 million have returned to the market. As a result, a large amount of e-waste is accumulating in the country. It is imperative to address this growing problem of e-waste in the country as soon as possible. Flipkart’s cell back program can go a long way in reducing this problem. The cell back program is offering users a good deal in exchange for their old phones.


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