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If you want to search something then put a circle on the phone screen, Android’s circle feature is fun.

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Put two circles for search in the phone, this feature of Android is not in iPhone

In Android smartphones you get a feature which you do not get in Apple’s premium iPhones. The feature we are talking about is none other than Circle to search feature. These features are available either in Google Pixel phones or in Samsung Galaxy S24. The Circle to Search feature in Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S24 is a new and easy way to help you find information. This feature allows you to search information by drawing a circle on any part of the photo on the screen.

This feature works like this

Draw circle on photo: First, you need to draw a circle on your screen, you can do this by drawing a circle with your fingers on the screen or by pressing the Home button, then rotating the screen.

Type search terms: After creating the circle, you have to type the search word in it. You can also do this using Google Assistant.

result: As soon as you type, you will start seeing search results on the screen. You can scroll through these results and select the result of your choice.

How to enable it in Google Pixel

For this, first of all open Google App on your phone. After this click on More option and then go to Settings option. Here go to Search option and go to Circle to Search. Enable it here.

samsung galaxy s24

For this, first of all open the Settings app on your phone. Go to Apps option and click on Search. Go to Circle Search and enable it.

Keep in mind that you get the benefit of this feature only on two smartphones Google Pixel 8 and Samsung Galaxy S24.

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