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If you take care of the electrical devices in the house, it is possible to avoid electrical accidents, see tips

New Delhi: When summer comes, electricity consumption increases many times. Electrical devices like Ac, Fans, Coolers are being used everywhere. Now that the trend of working from home has increased, the use of devices like laptops, mobiles, televisions has also increased in the home. Increasing power consumption can also increase the risk of electric accidents. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), at least 3,000 people die in electricity-related accidents in the country every year. This statistic is for this season. That’s why today we are going to share some simple things with you. Which will help you stay safe.


RCCBs or ELCBs are one of the most neglected devices in the home. If it leaks, it can break the circuit for a second and avoid electric shock. However, almost 90% of households do not have them. Many State Governments / DISCOMs have taken appropriate steps to require RCCB or ELCB. In this case, it is very important for the house.

Serge Protection Devices:

These devices protect your expensive home devices. According to ICA-India, about 35% of buildings with older electric layouts have short circuits and fires. Frequent voltage surges in the absence of surge protection can cause major damage to every electric device in the house in one second. Surge protection devices block transient voltage.

Current Overload:

Nowadays every device in the house works on electricity. Which can cause current overloading. Different home appliances require the right combination of switchgear. Which can isolate circuits and protect electrical equipment. These circuit breakers come in different ratings for different types of loads and therefore require the right quality, the right company breaker for the right load.

Wire quality:

Wire should be purchased with proper rating and quality. 13% of accidents are caused by short circuits and poor wiring. If a house is more than 20 years old, then its wires do not have the capacity to handle electric devices even in today’s average house. However, there are now electrical wiring devices that quickly detect changes in the flow of electricity and control it to prevent accidents.

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