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If you share the password of Netflix, you will go straight to jail! you will sweat while going out

Netflix Account: If you use Netflix and share the password of the account with your friends or family members, then you may have to take it Huh. 

Rules For Netflix: Nowadays everyone uses Netflix where you get the latest movies and web series. Netflex is a great way of entertainment but do you know that now sharing it with your friends yarns and family members can get you behind jail bars and You can miss your sweat in the exit. The use of Maxx has increased rapidly in the last few years but still the company is losing a lot due to the use of millions of people. Actually Netflix users share their ID-password and this is bound to cause losses to the company. If you do this too, then doing so can bring you to jail. 

Password sharing will be considered a crime 

If you now share the password of your Netflix account with anyone, then doing so can get you behind the bars of jail. We are not saying Actually doing so has now come under the category of fraud. Doing so will be considered a crime and you may have to pay a jail sentence or a heavy fine. Actually, the trend of sharing password for the last few years is very big among people, people take subscription to an account and four to five people watch movies from that account. In such a situation, you should stop it now.

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Recently the government’s Intellectual Property Office has prepared a new guideline regarding piracy in which if you share the password of any OTT platform with any person, then you Stringent action will be taken against this and it does not apply only to Netflix but this law will apply to all the OTT platforms in the market. However this rule has not been implemented in India but has been implemented in the UK.


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