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If you see a rose tattoo on someone’s hand, be alert, your phone may be stolen!

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Gulab Gang was also very active on social media and used to share videos of stunts.

Rose tattoo on hand, clothes like chapari, youthful appearance and stunts on bike on the road. These are not ordinary people, but vicious criminals of snatching gang. If any person of such appearance has passed around you in the past, then you are lucky that no one snatched the mobile from your hand and ran away.

Actually, Delhi Police has recently busted a vicious gang, which has a rose tattoo on its hand and the police has recovered 9 bikes from them. At present, the police have arrested 4 members of this gang, but their leader is still far away from the reach of the police, who is being searched.

Mobile and gold chain are their favourites.

These vicious criminals caught by Delhi Police used to target their targets in a very vicious manner. They used to target only those people who used to go out while talking on mobile phones or wearing gold chains on the roadside. If any citizen passes by them then it is certain that his fate will come and he will definitely become their victim.

Used to make video of the incident to spread terror

According to the police, the four criminals had different jobs. One of the criminals used to do Reiki and the other used to make a video of the incident and post it on social media to spread panic. Also, the remaining two criminals used to commit the crime with the help of speedy bikes.

How were the accused caught?

Keshavpuram police station of North Western district put up barricades at various places to arrest them. Meanwhile, three people were seen riding on a scooter. When the police tried to stop him, he started running away. The police became suspicious of them and chased them. Soon the three accused were caught. During interrogation, he told that he was going to commit some crime in Kanhaiya Nagar. After this, the fourth accused was also caught on his information.

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