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If you have patience, research and writing skills then make a career in blogging, start like this

How To Become A Blogger: Blogging is not new in our country. Blogs are being made for years, in spite of this, new blogs are being created every day. Google blogging is an easy and cheap way through which readers can be reached. However, this seemingly easy task does not become a means of earning money easily. Success can be achieved only after years of hard work and making inroads among the readers. Therefore, if you have the patience to create good content and gradually establish your credibility among the readers, then you can enter this field. You will be able to make money only if you do it like a full time job. However, if you want, you can adopt blogging as a hobby along with other works.

when did it start

Blogging started in the 90s but it got popular around 2005. By the year 2010, thousands of bloggers came to India. As soon as Google Adsense became a means of earning money, everyone started writing on the topic that readers like. This is where you have to be careful. Do not fall into the greed of what is read, but write what you have interest, knowledge and about which you are ready to research.

Readers come if the content is good

What you are writing is different from the worn-out content only then the reader is attracted. If you choose a topic, squeeze it completely. Write in such a way that the coming reader takes away the answers to all his questions. For this, you should know about new inventions, new research, new advancement etc. in your field.

career prospects

There is success in this field but it comes late. If we talk about the future, then this is a good growing sector. It will take you time to move ahead here and make money. Readers come slowly and gradually their trust develops on you. In the beginning (this can also start after one to two years), you can earn 30 to 40 thousand rupees per month, which can later go up to two to three lakh rupees per month.

There is no need for formal education for this. But if you want, you can do courses to improve writing skills. Many times candidates also do blogging for other companies.



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