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If you go to the laptop, do this work immediately


If you go out in the rainy season laptop If it gets wet or for some reason water has gone into it, then it can be dried with the help of home remedies, let’s know how.

What to do if water gets into the laptop

It is often seen in the rainy season that our expensive gadgets get wet like smart fone, Laptop, Headphone, never try to turn them on during this time. Usually we can use methods like rice or hair dryer to remove water from these devices. Let us know how you can dry gadgets at home with the help of rice.

If the laptop is wet then do this work immediately

If your laptop is in sleep mode, first of all switch it off with the help of main power button. After this, if any USB or other accessory is plugged into the laptop, then unplug them all. Also note that your laptop is not charging at this time and your charging port is empty.

Follow these steps

After switching off the laptop, after unplugging all the accessories, turn the laptop upside down and then take out the battery of the laptop. If your laptop does not have this option then skip this step and then wipe the laptop with the help of a soft cloth and then put the laptop upside down on a towel. Leave the laptop in this condition for at least four hours.

If there is a hair dryer in the house, then run it on rotation mode from the port side of the laptop on low heat, keep in mind that the air of the hair dryer does not directly enter the screen.

If you go to the laptop, do this work immediately


use silica gel

If there are no silica gel pouches in the house, then buy them and keep them, especially in the rainy season, it will absorb the moisture and keep your gadget safe. You can keep this gel in your bag as well.

carry a waterproof bag

If you are leaving the house, then carry a polythene bag or any such back in the bag in which water cannot enter. Smartwatches, headphones, smartphones along with laptops can be saved from getting wet during rain.


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