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If you do not want to buy AC then bring this fan home, it will give cool air with water shower; Will need a blanket

New Delhi. Summer season has arrived. In this season everyone wants to install air conditioner, but due to low budget people are not able to buy it. Apart from this, there is also an electricity bill, which comes more after the continuous running of AC. If you are also among them, then don’t worry. Because there are many such options, by which you can bye-bye to heat. In a low budget, you can take air like AC. The fan we are going to tell you about is different from table fan or ceiling fan. This is a special fan, which gives cool air with water splash. 

Water Sprinkler Fan

There are many types of water sprinkler fans available in the market, which you can buy. Water sprinkler fan mixes air and water to give you cool air. This is the same fan that you must have seen at the wedding or party. 

Will make hot air cool by sprinkling water

This is a powerful cooling fan. It cools the hot air by spraying water. This fan gives great air both inside and outside the house. The fan is connected to the water tap, there are small holes in the fan. After turning on the water tap, as soon as you turn on the fan, it will give strong wind with a shower of water. The special thing is that you can adjust how much sprinkler you need. You can adjust accordingly. 

also available on amazon

DIY Crafters Fan is available on Amazon. Although the price of this fan is Rs 4,197, but you can buy it from Amazon for Rs 2,587. With this you will also get pipe, tap connector. 

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