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If you do more office work then this mouse will go away from you, something like this is Samsung’s unique mouse

New Delhi. Samsung does not want people to do more work, yes, we get this information from the company’s latest product. The electronics company has come up with a new computer mouse that does not look like a normal mouse, but is specially designed to prevent people from overworking. The mouse, known as the Samsung Balance Mouse, goes off the desk when you start doing a lot of work. Now we haven’t thought of it clearly, but samsung The new computer mouse works and looks like a real mouse. Although no one has used the mouse yet, as it is just a concept, which has been prepared in collaboration with an ad agency.

The video of Samsung Balance Mouse has been released on Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel. The most important reason behind the concept of Balance Mouse was to improve work life balance in Korea. Samsung has said in its video that most of the office workers do not leave work on time. There is always pressure on people to complete their tasks before leaving the office. Sometimes the burden of extra work also comes on them.

Samsung says in the video that it has created a mouse that will remove the problem of overworking. The company says that this is not a normal mouse, but it has a feature to prevent people from overworking. This concept product showcases its features while working overtime.

It detects hand movement and when the opportunity comes, it moves away using its wheels. It has also been told in the video that if you think that when you can run away and catch the mouse, then it is wrong to think so, because it does not come in hand. This is because the mouse works very quickly. Even if you try to hold the mouse, the main part of the mouse comes out. Samsung believes that people can enjoy life after work with a balance mouse.

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