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‘If you could not raise your voice for Palestine then for Kashmir…’, Pakistanis angry at their own country

Sohaib Chaudhry Latest Video: Pakistan, which sings the praises of Kashmir, may talk big but the people there believe that the people of the country have become cowards. Amidst the war between Israel and Hamas, when top officials and clerics are not able to raise their voice for Palestine, then what will they do for Kashmir?

Actually, a YouTuber named Sohaib Chaudhary has recently gauged the mood of the people of Muzaffarabad regarding Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). By going among the people, he wanted to understand what the local people think on the issues related to PoK, Kashmir and Pakistan.

Sohaib Chaudhary had asked this question to Pakistanis

In a 29 minute 44 second video uploaded on a YouTube channel named ‘Real Entertainment TV’, he was seen asking Pakistanis if the United Nations (UN) accepts Pakistan’s demand and announces that it will direct Kashmiris to vote. Then will the Kashmiris (Indians) from that side vote for Pakistan?

Who will come to vote for the cowardly community?- Pakistani

A young man from Pakistan replied- I think he will never vote. We have become cowards. Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Coca Cola and KFC… all these are going on in our country but they are not boycotting these companies. From our rulers (officials) to the Maulvi, they are not raising their voice for Palestine. What will they do for Kashmir? Who will come to vote for such a cowardly community?

“It would be better to convert PAK into Pakistan first”

During the conversation, a person said to a Pakistani YouTuber – We (Pakistan) are a nuclear power but did anyone do anything…did any of our leaders do anything? On the other side (in Palestine) innocent people are dying but no one said anything. Hey, leave that aside…our governments together should first make Pakistan Pakistan, that would be better.

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