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If you are using QR codes when transacting online, pay attention to these things, otherwise it could cost millions.

New Delhi: The trend of online transactions is constantly increasing around the world and now many people are relying on online transactions. For this they use many e-payment methods. However, with the rise of online transactions, the incidence of online fraud is also on the rise. To defraud online, fraudsters are finding new ways every day. These frauds ensnare people and steal their banking details. Recently, many cases of online fraud through QR Code have come to light. In such cases, people are lured to make money through QR codes. But instead of receiving money, money is withdrawn from people’s bank accounts through QR code scams.

Fraud on the platform:

QR code scammers use the name of an online platform like OLX to commit fraud. They lure people with money by sharing QR codes. As soon as people scan the QR code, they fall prey to fraud. This fraud has become so common that OLX has also advised users to be cautious about QR codes. Learn how QR Code Scams happen and how to avoid them.

Here are the QR code scams:

Online fraudsters send them QR codes to lure them into any scheme. However, after scanning such QR codes, they are deducted instead of being credited to the bank account. Hackers also get the complete bank details of the users and they can easily withdraw money from the account. So if someone is luring you with money by sending you QR Code from WhatsApp or any other platform, be alert immediately and do not scan the QR code.

Here are some tips to help you avoid online fraud:

UPI Do not give ID or Bank Details to any stranger. Do not scan the QR code you receive from strangers. Do not share OTP to anyone. Because, it is confidential and authenticates your login. When you transact or send or receive money online with a stranger, check the authenticity of that stranger once. You can use OLX etc. If you are selling something above, check the buyer’s joining date on the platform. In addition, his profile photo, name, phone number information can be seen. If a user has already registered that buyer’s account, OLX will show the relevant information.

Secure all your UPI IDs with one code. All UPI Payment Providers like BHIM, Google Pay, PhonePe give users the option to secure UPI via security PIN. Whenever users open these apps, they first have to enter the security code. As a result, UPI is relatively secure.

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