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If you are suffering from slow internet then follow these tips, internet will run super fast like rocket.

New Delhi: We always use different tricks regarding internet speed. Because, slow internet causes many problems in work. For example, when you try to send a message on WhatsApp, or try to watch a YouTube video and visit a news website, or try to upload something else, it doesn’t work. If you have any of these experiences or you want to speed up your mobile internet, this information will be important for you. Today we are going to tell you some simple tricks. Sometimes telecom companies overload their telecom towers and they can’t handle the huge amount of traffic. Mobile Internet in India has come a long way since 2G and 3G days. In the past, downloading 5 MB files was also a difficult task. But, that is not the case now.

You can make some changes in your handset to increase the speed of your mobile internet. These internet tips and tricks can increase your mobile internet speed. Clear the cache for this. Cache not only increases the space in your phone’s internal storage, it can also speed up your slow mobile internet. Cache not only slows down the mobile process, it also slows down the internet speed. If you haven’t cleared your cache in a long time, do it first. This will definitely increase your internet speed.

Smartphones can also work well with many apps running in the background. But, maybe not the internet. The more equipment you have, the slower your internet speed will be. You can try closing some of these apps and you will see a lot of speed in your internet. App updates are another way to reduce your smartphone’s internet speed. You will notice the effect when using the phone. This is an effective method. You can turn off Auto App updates and update manually whenever you want. Different browsers / lite apps will not increase mobile internet speed.

But, the current bandwidth will improve even more. Many apps today come with a lite version that requires less data to run. Similarly, different browsers have different data requirements. For example, Opera Mini is a good browser for data. Which will speed up your internet. One of the biggest problems that is often hidden is your phone’s settings problem. Your network settings are automated by default. This can often lead to problems and slow internet. All you have to do is reset your network settings on your phone. For this you have to go to settings.

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