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If you are going to go to Goa by car, then know this new rule, otherwise it may cost thousands

If you are planning to go to Goa this weekend, then without a permit you may have to pay a hefty challan. The Goa Transport Authority has started levying fines on vehicles coming from other states without a special permit. Last week, Goa Traffic Police had collected a fine of over Rs 10,000 from 40 taxis coming from Bengaluru.

The Goa Transport Authority says that commercial vehicles such as taxis, buses and vans coming from other states are required to obtain a permit from their respective transport authority to enter Goa. Goa Traffic Police was issuing permits to commercial vehicles from other states entering the state till last month, but the process was stopped from early April. As a result, taxi drivers coming to Goa’s checkpost hoping to get a permit had to pay a fine.

For entering Goa state border, RTOs of different states issue permits which can be taken for a fee of Rs 100 to Rs 200. Thousands of Goa travel permits are issued every day in Goa’s neighboring state of Karnataka. However, due to the closure of the permit facility at the check post, now the vehicles will have to get the permit from their local RTO only.


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Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and several states have started the online facility for issuing permits to commercial vehicles for Goa, but this system is not yet started in Karnataka. Tourist buses without a permit are being fined Rs 25,000, taxis up to Rs 10,500 and tourist vans up to Rs 17,000.

According to reports, the Goa Transport Authority has also started the online process of issuing special permits to vehicles from other states. However, this facility will no longer be available at state checkposts.


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