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If you are fond of sketching, then become a cartoonist, you can get a good job even after doing a diploma.

How To Become A Cartoonist: If you want to make a career apart from all the fields like doctors, engineers, management and technology, then you can enter in this field. If your creativity and sense of humor are good along with drawing, then you can fulfill your hobby as a cartoonist and can also earn good money. The special thing about this field is that if you have skills, then you can enter here without formal training, but later you can do degree and diploma courses to get a good position and money. A cartoonist not only draws cartoons but also defines the personality of the characters he creates. That’s why this work is very creative.

Degree can be taken in these fields

Few institutes give any separate or special degree to become a cartoonist, but you can study in many branches of arts. Such as Cartooning, Animation, Illustration, Drawing, Visual Arts, Fine Arts, Sequential Arts and Graphic Designing. Diploma, Bachelor and Master courses can be done in these. The selection is through entrance test.

what courses are available

Courses like Diploma in 3D Animation, Diploma of Screen and Media – Animation, Diploma in Character Animation can be done. Apart from this, talking about Bachelor’s course, BSc in Animation, Bachelor’s in Illustration, BA Honors in Digital Animation, Bachelor’s in Cartoon and Common Arts are some names. If you are thinking of taking a master’s degree, then courses like MA in Animation, Masters in 3D Animation and VFX, Master of Design in Animation can be done.

You can study from here

Indian Institute of Cartoonists Bangalore, NIFT New Delhi, Jamia New Delhi, National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, Kerala Cartoon Academy Kochi, Picasso Animation College Bangalore etc.

where to find work

On the basis of your skills, you can do many entry level jobs. Once the name and identity is made or broadly speaking, after liking the work, there are many more options where one can move forward. Salary also increases with the increase in experience. One can choose from any option like Newspaper, Magazine, Advertising Agency/Company, Television Industry, Film Industry, Freelancing.

How much do you get salary

Salary depends on experience and the company you are working with. Roughly, in the beginning, two to three lakhs of a year and after a few years of experience, five to seven lakhs can be earned. You can enter this field only on the basis of your skills. Many times, if you do not want to do degree course, then diploma course also gives you job, just your work should be good.


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