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If you are buying or selling a used car then know the rules of transfer of RC understand the process

A very special rule has been made for buying and selling old vehicles. This is called RC transfer, without this transfer you do not have full rights over the vehicle you have purchased. On the other hand, if you have sold a vehicle and its RC has not been transferred, then you can get into trouble if there is an accident or any kind of problem.

In modern times, there are many such platforms available where the vehicle can be bought and sold by the buyer and seller without any dealer. The importance of transferring to RC can also be assessed in the sense that if the challan of the vehicle sold by you is deducted, then you may have to bear all its expenses.

Illegal to travel without RC
The Motor Vehicles Rules state that it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to have a valid RC. Vehicle cannot be used on Indian roads without RC. The process of RC transfer is conducted at the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of each region. RC transfer is done easily after successful registration.

How is RC transfer done?
There are two types of RC transfer in India. In one, such vehicles are bought and sold outside the state, while the other process is for such vehicles which are bought and sold inside the state. There is a rule of interstate RC transfer for vehicles sold outside the state.

How to transfer to other state
There should be a robust and functional online process in both the states for Two-Wheeler / Four-Wheeler Ownership Transfer, then only one can apply online. Two states and two RTOs are involved for the offline process. The cost of vehicle registration has been fixed at Rs 600.

How to transfer RC within the state
The transfer of vehicles is done by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). You can transfer the RC by visiting the office through offline mode. At the same time, RC transfer can also be done through online medium by some states. During this process, you have to submit the copies of the necessary documents and certificates along with the form. RC is transferred after few days of submission.

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