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If you also like black color then do shopping with The Black Lover, CEO Akshay gave a new identity

Startup Success Story: Many people’s businesses were closed during the Corona period, while many people started a new business through their skills. Today we are going to tell you about a person resident of Purnia Vivekananda Colony, who started his company during the Corona period and has reached a good position today.

did business course from delhi
Akshay Kumar, a resident of Purnia, did a course in international business from Delhi, after which he had plans to work abroad, but due to Corona, he left his plan and started an international e-commerce company in India. had.

black lovers started
Akshay named his startup Black Lovers. The name of the company has been kept quite unique, which the customers liked a lot. Let us tell you that Black Lovers started with their own product brand. In the Corona era, where people’s jobs were going on one side. On the other hand, Akshay had provided employment to many people.

Company started in 2020
Let us tell you that the company was started on 22 September 2020. Apart from India, there is a plan to launch this company at the global level as well. It is also ready to increase its business in Italy, Australia and Dubai.

Know what the CEO of the company said?
The company’s CEO Akshay told that his company is very different than other companies. He has launched this company with his own brand. Along with this, on this special website, you can easily get different types of designs for birthday, wedding or any special event for the customers. The CEO of the company has also tied up with other e-commerce companies to further his business.

Only black color products are available
The support of a team of 5 members is behind the progress of the company and making it successful. The special thing about this website is that all the products found on it are of black color, due to which it has been named Black Lovers. On this website, a premium quality product of black color is made available to the people.

Various types of products available
Let us tell you that on this website, apart from women’s, men’s clothing, footwear, furnishings and accessories, you will find many segments of products with your good quality. The company initially launched 300 products on its website.

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