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If you also have a passport, do not ignore ‘these’ things, otherwise, damage may occur, see tips

New Delhi: Passport safety Tips: Losing your passport while traveling can be a frightening and worrying experience. Because, in another country, this is the last resort. Which can help you return home without any worries. If you are out of India for some work and you have lost your passport somewhere and you don’t know what to do then, here are some tips to ease this tension. Which will come in handy. Before you go abroad, make several photocopies of your passport and keep them all in a separate bag. Keep your passport at the bottom of your bag for privacy reasons. Also, keep a photocopy of it in your home.

Leave your passport at the hotel:

Once you arrive at your destination, you will need to keep your passport in your hotel and a copy with you. Hotels usually provide lockers with security codes. Use it to keep your passport safe.

Don’t forget to buy passport cover:

If you are planning to travel to the beach, you will need to purchase a waterproof passport cover to keep your passport safe. These are usually found anywhere and their price is also not high.

Also important:

You will need your passport through airport security. But, you need to know about such places. Where you have to show your original passport and copy. If you have an international driving license, your license or a copy of your passport will suffice.

Money belts must be purchased

While this may not be the most fashionable according to the Travel Insurance Review, carrying your passport in a money belt or fanny pack is the safest way to travel. Keeping any documents in the back pocket can be dangerous, you better buy a money belt.

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