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If you adjust the mirror of the car like this, then there will be a safe journey on the road

If you have bought a new car or are learning to drive it, do not forget to adjust the mirrors fitted in the car.

If you do not do this, then you may have to get up from your seat to see the vehicles behind and left and right while driving the car. Due to this you may have to face inconvenience while driving.

Correct position of car mirrors, both ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors) and IRVMs (Inside Rearview Mirrors) is very important for all drivers as it plays a vital role in keeping the car on the road by showing the best view of the vehicles present on the road Plays and prevents accidents by reducing blind spots. So let’s know today how to fix the mirrors of your car.

Step 1 – Left ORVM

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For manually adjustable ORVMs

Without leaving the driving seat, pull as far as possible towards the left ORVM and adjust it such that the road behind you is visible in two-thirds of the mirror and the rest is visible to the sides of the car.

The electronically adjustable ORVMs make it super easy to adjust! For this you just have to remember the 3:1 ratio. Let it be 3 parts traffic and 1 part on the side of the car! Do the same with the right ORVM but this time adjust it to see two-thirds of the road.

Adjust your car mirrors properly

Step 2- IRVM

Now check your visibility with left and right ORVM. Adjust the mirrors in such a way that bending your neck allows you to see the mirrors properly.

Adjust the IRVM so that the widest part of the rear windscreen is visible. Thus together, all the three mirrors will help you in keeping your car safe on the road.


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