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If Uber Driver Cancel Ride, Do This, Strict Action Will Be Taken Immediately

New Delhi. Do you also get angry when your Uber Drivers cancel your ride after asking your destination. If there’s something you hate every day, Uber has announced an update that will ease your woes.

Uber has announced that drivers will now be able to check their travel destination before accepting a ride. It’s not a good feeling when you’re running late for work, but your Uber driver doesn’t want to ride to your destination even after making you wait. The ride-hailing company has decided to roll out the update after looking at the feedback from the drivers.

Uber said in a statement that “to increase transparency and eliminate frustration for riders and drivers, drivers on the Uber platform across India will now be able to view travel destinations before deciding whether to accept the journey.” Buoyed by the reduction in the number of trip cancellations after the pilot launch in May 2022, Uber has decided to do away with the trip acceptance threshold and introduce the facility unconditionally in all cities. Uber will continue to monitor feedback from drivers and riders and make changes as necessary.

Uber said it has increased pay by 15 percent to help drivers cope with the hike in fuel prices. The company has also started giving compensation to drivers for traveling long distances to pick up riders. Transactions have been converted into weekdays for drivers to get online payment transfers. Another very important update that was released a few days back shows the mode of payment. So once the drivers accept the ride, they will know whether they will be paid cash or online.

To address the response from moto drivers about the lack of awareness about waiting charges, Uber will now send a push notification to riders about waiting charges when they book a ride. Drivers often faced an operational challenge at the airport as they had to pay airport charges in advance and the same was paid later. However, now Uber has started cashless operation at the airports of Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

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