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If these 5 symptoms appear in Power Bank, then immediately leave it out of the house.

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Power Bank has made our life much easier. It helps us in charging smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. But, do you know that a bad power bank can become a danger to you? The power bank itself indicates that there is a fault in it, you just have to recognize this signal. Actually, some symptoms are visible in the power bank, which show that there is a fault in the power bank.

Using a bad power bank can be dangerous for you. Caution should be taken while using it, because it is an electronic device. It has a battery which, despite being faulty, can cause an explosion if operated. if your power bank If these 5 symptoms are visible, then do not use it, and buy a new power bank.

If you see these symptoms in power bank then do not use it

1. Swelling of Power Bank: If your power bank appears swollen, stop using it immediately and take it out of the house. This is a serious hazard and may cause fire or explosion.

2. Overheating: If the power bank is overheating while being used or while charging, then its use should be stopped. This is also a danger, which can cause injury or harm to you.

3. Bad smell: If there is a smell like burning or melting plastic from the power bank, then it is a sign of malfunction. In such a situation, do not use the power bank, because there will be a risk of fire due to it.

4. Leakage: If there is leakage or something is leaking from the power bank, there may be a problem. This is also a big danger for the power bank. In such a situation, electric shock may occur or some other damage may occur.

5. Low Charging: If the power bank is charging less than before, then the power backup performance is not good. Charging problems can also occur due to bad port or cable etc. Do not use it if this happens.

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