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If there is no passport: how a person’s personality is determined by the characteristics of the body

Now you can determine the personality of any person thanks to such features as fingerprints, hands, retina and iris, voice, handwriting. All this is initially recorded by a certain device, which collects all the data, transforms them into the desired form, identifies unique characteristics and enters everything into the database.

Concerning hands, then fingerprints are analyzed here (they use a similar technology in forensic science, when obtaining a passport in Russia, to unlock smartphones) and handprints (information on the size of the palm, length, width, thickness of fingers is recorded).

To identify a person by to the eye, his retina and iris are analyzed. A photo of the eye is taken to collect information about the iris, and infrared light is used to obtain information about the retina.

There are still such ways of identifying a person as facial geometry analysis and thermogram analysis… The disadvantage of the first method is the ability to easily deceive the system at the expense of a beard or glasses. The second is based on the idea of ​​the uniqueness of the structure of human veins and tissues, that is, it is able to help distinguish even twins.

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