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If the smartphone is stolen or lost, do this work immediately, the thief will never be able to use your phone!

Often people worry that what will happen if the phone is lost or how will you be able to track your phone. If you are worried like this, then today we are telling you a way to do this, so that if your phone is ever lost or stolen, then you will be able to track it. The Government of India has given the facility to track stolen smartphones with CEIR.

Department of Telecommunications released CEIR website

CEIR has been created by the Department of Telecommunications to check the fake mobile phone market. If your data or a phone registered in your name is stolen, then it is a big problem. In such a situation, this website helps in registering your complaint and tracking your smartphone. Also allows you to block the phone. This is also possible if you take out your SIM from the stolen phone and put another SIM in it.

Use the CEIR website

The CEIR website is very easy to use. If your phone is lost, you can use the block option on the CEIR website. Then a form will open in which you will have to enter your mobile number, IMEI number, model and other details. Users need to keep in mind that to fill this form, you need the police complaint number which is found during the FIR.

Select the option to unblock

It also has an unlock option. Click on it. Then enter the request ID and other details. Through this process, you can unblock access to your phone. You can also click on Check request status to see the status of the stolen smartphone.

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