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If the smartphone is stolen, do these two things immediately, otherwise your bank account will be empty

New Delhi: Smartphones make many of your tasks easier. So Smartphone Theft can be a big problem. It would not be wrong to say that smartphones have become an important part of our lives. In the phone Banking Apps, Wallets contain private photos and videos. Therefore, if the phone is stolen or lost, you may incur huge financial losses. Anyone can withdraw money from a bank account using your phone. The phone stores OTP, bank account information. So it is important to keep the phone safe. Also, we will tell you what to do first if your phone is lost or stolen. This will help you to avoid financial loss.

SIM Card Quick block

If the phone is lost or stolen, the SIM card must be blocked first. Because, your mobile number can be misused by another person. SIM card Another big reason for shutting down is that many things, including your debit and credit cards, are linked to a mobile number. So anyone can easily empty your bank account. To block a SIM card, you need to call a telecom operator from another number of the same company. Suppose you had an Airtel number. So you can get help by calling telecom operators from other Airtel numbers.

Mobile Wallets Turn off

The increasing use of smartphones and the internet has also led to an increase in online transactions. It is possible to send and receive money easily with a single click of mobile. For this your phone has many mobile wallets, banking apps. Money can be withdrawn from your bank account using these apps if your phone is lost or stolen. Therefore, such apps should be shut down immediately. The phone has many different apps including Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim App, Amazon Pay. If the phone is stolen, you can block access to these apps by calling Customer Care.



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