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If the smartphone is getting hot frequently, then use these 4 tips, the phone will be safe and cool

New Delhi: Temperatures have risen everywhere and people are worried about the heat. As well as taking care of yourself, it is also important to take care of Electronic Devices. If your smartphone heats up quickly, don’t ignore it. While it is common for smartphones to overheat, it can have serious consequences. If you spend too much time gaming on the smartphone, the smartphone gets hot. However, prolonged heat can have a detrimental effect on smartphones over time. In such a case, Smartphone Heating Not to be ignored as normal. Let’s learn how to prevent smartphones from overheating.

Buy a cooling fan for the phone

If you love gaming, get a cooling fan. Which helps prevent the phone from overheating. There are many types of cooling fans for phones in the market. Which come in different designs. In addition, smartphone companies offer cooling fans along with gaming smartphones. Most smartphones use a clamping mechanism for the cooling fan. But, if you’re using an iPhone with a MagSafe charging, finding a cooling fan won’t be too difficult.

When placing the phone in the car, pay attention:

In summer, the car can act as a greenhouse. Which causes the inside temperature to be much hotter than the outside. In this case, the phone should not be left in the car.

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Avoid leaving the phone in the sun too long:

Do not expose the phone to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight to charge can damage your phone. The heat of charging and sunlight can damage the interior of the phone.

Close Power intensive apps when not needed:

Some applications in the phone can be very powerful. Which can drain your phone’s battery. Also, it can get too hot. To find out which apps are causing this, go to your phone’s battery usage tool to see which apps are consuming the most battery. Once you recognize these apps, close them and prevent them from running in the background. This will reduce the workload on your phone and so it will not get too hot.


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