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If the network symbol on the phone’s display is ‘missing’, do ‘fix’ in minutes, see tips

New Delhi: Many times when a SIM card is placed in an Android phone, it does not show or the network symbol does not appear in the phone. Users may suspect that the phone is not damaged, or that there is a problem with the SIM. But, there is no need to worry, the problem is with the help of some simple tips
You can fix this. Sometimes the SIM card is not kept properly in the phone. So, sometimes there may be a software problem. If you also never see the network symbol on the phone’s display, you can use these tips to fix it. Rename the access point: You can manually change the name of the access point in APN settings. For this, your operator needs to know the APN settings by calling from a different phone.

Once you get the APN, go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile Network> Advances> Access Point Names, tap on the ‘+’ sign here. Then add settings from the operator. Flight mode: SIM card related issues can also be fixed in Flight mode. To do this, swipe down the settings panel. Here you will see the option of Airplane Mode. After turning on for 10 to 20 seconds, turn it off. The phone will then start Network Search. It can detect SIM card. Check SIM card: You should also check that the SIM card toggle is not turned off by mistake. For this you have to go to Settings> Network & Internet> SIM Cards. Turn on the toggle for SIM here. If you are using dual SIM in the phone, then toggle both.

Network Type If you do not select Network Type in your phone, it will have to be switched to auto mode. To do this go to Settings> Network & Internet> Mobile network> Preferred network type. Here you can choose Auto Mode or Requested Mode. Network operator selection: To check the signal of SIM card, network operator must be selected manually. To select the operator, go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile network> Advanced> Select network automatically. Here you can choose your network operator.


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