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If the key of the car is lost or lost, then how to open the door, you will be shocked to see the videos

Many times the car key gets left inside the car and you have to face a lot of trouble if you lock the car door. Exactly the same situation happens even if the key is lost because then your car gets parked at one place and you cannot even enter inside the car, let alone commuting anywhere. In such a situation, either get a duplicate key of the car from your house or search for a key maker. But here the third way is always open. If your car is a few years old and does not have a smart lock, then this task becomes even easier. Today we are giving you information about some such routes through which you can enter inside the car without a key.

open gate with scale

This is the most common and effective way by which the car gate can be opened without a key. This technique works when the car key is left inside the car itself. In this you need an iron scale, a plastic scale can also be useful, but the fear of breaking it also remains. All you have to do is to remove the packing at the end of the window glass on the door, just near the door hander, about 6-8 inches below this packing is the lock. You have to put the iron scale inside the door keeping it away from the glass. After putting the scale inside, you will have to guess this scale on the lock of the gate and after a few attempts the lock will open.

Thin rope will startle

Whenever you leave the car key inside and lock the car door, there is another way by which you can enter the car without a key. A thin but strong rope is used in this. Take a long rope and tie a noose-like knot in the middle of it. Then put this rope inside from the corner of the car door and take it inside by holding both ends of the rope in both hands. When the noose made in the rope reaches the lock opening knob inside the car, tightening it and pulling it outwards will open the lock of the car.

Open door from hanger

Apart from these two maneuvers, if you want to enter inside the car without a key, then you will need some tools for this. By inserting a sharp tool through the side of the car door, pull the gate out a bit, as soon as it comes out of the gate, stick a cloth or something or something in the door. This will make it easier to put the hanger in the car door. Then you open the hanger and take its rotating part to the lock of the car. Trap the rotating part of the hanger on the lock of the car and pull it outwards, by doing this the lock of the car opens and you get to enter the car.

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