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If the battery runs out in the electric scooter, then it will be charged in a few seconds, the battery swapping platform is starting here

Although there are many features in electric vehicles such as they operate with less noise, their use can reduce pollution, their use can save money, because instead of expensive fuels like petrol and diesel. Run on battery. Their maintenance is less than petrol and diesel vehicles. But one of their drawbacks is that they have a limited range and have to be charged to make them reusable and it consumes a lot of time. But one solution is battery swapping, which allows you to replace the battery when you run out of battery. Now swappable battery e-scooter maker Gogoro is strengthening its foothold in the Israeli market. The Taiwanese company is going to launch its e-scooter and battery swapping platform in Tel Aviv. Gogoro recently partnered with distributor Metro Motor and Paz Group in Israel to deliver its electric scooters and battery swapping stations in the country.

Metro Motor is a popular two-wheeler distributor in Israel while the Paz Group is an Israeli gas and energy company. Let us tell you that Tel Aviv will be the first city where Gogoro technology will be fully available, after that it will take hold in the whole of Israel. The company will bring its sustainable mobility solution to the metropolitan area of ​​the capital city in the summer and will expand to other cities. With this feature enabled, riders will be able to take advantage of the comfortable and user-friendly swapping system in Tel Aviv. More efficient and less waiting time will be offered here.

Riders will be able to quickly swap out their exhausted batteries for a full charge in a matter of seconds. Gogoro is developing new technology for the batteries in the swapping station. Which will be a lithium ceramic battery that can increase the existing capacity by 140 percent i.e. 2.5kWh.

Gogoro has a rapidly expanding network of dealerships and swapping stations across Asia. At present, there are more than 10 thousand battery swapping platforms present in more than 2 thousand locations in the company’s network. It claims to handle over 3.5 lakh battery swaps a day and a total of 275 million swaps.

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